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Heavy Flooding near Nepal

Posted: September 2, 2008 at 2:42 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Nepal is faced with a new crisis just a week after a cabinet expansion and a government shake up. Kosi a water way that leads into the neighboring India’s  3rd largest (by population) state spilled over. The water way started to reach its peak capacity and according to locals the technical staff as the site did not raise any alarms. The water way is monitored by Indian engineers and technical support staff. Locals getting frustrated at the ever rising levels of water over the levees vented their frustrations on the officials and chased them away. A few hours after that  there was a breach in the levees and the water rushed out resulting in a mass devastation that left 100 dead and over two million homeless in India. According to Indian government sources the Indian technicians tried to repair the waterway but the locals prevented them from repairing it. While a blame game has started on both sides Nepal claims that India has not done maintenance work on the water way for the past five years. No matter whose fault it is thousands of people watch their homes submerged and their livelihoods washed away, there is a massive relief effort delivering food and other essentials by both the Indian central and local Governments. It is estimated that the casualty rate would continue to rise and flood waters would bring with them a lot of water borne diseases.

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