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Sri Lanka establishes Rent-A-Car Association.(RACA)

Posted: August 14, 2008 at 2:13 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Sri Lankan rent a car businesses have established the Sri Lankan Rent-A-Car Association to improve and set bench marks in the countries lucrative tourism industry. The newly formed association already has eleven members and more are inline to be accredited after passing the criteria into in this association.

Currently the basic criteria into the association is to manage more than five vehicles. To have been active in the business for a period lasting longer than five years. According to the first president of the association Kishan Perera ( from Kings Rent a car) one of the main reasons for this body it to rid the industry of the dodgy image of unprofessionalism that has been brought upon by just a few of the companies.

This new association in its first order of business has already begun lobbying the Sri Lankan Registra of Motors to speed up the endorsement processĀ  of the tourists to drive in Sri Lanka. Currently after applying for the endorsement it could take more than 24 hrs, but the industry is proposing on arrival on the spot for a hassle free trip for the thousands of tourists that drive around in this lovely country.

The RACA has expressed interests in working to reduce the current high premiums the industry faces mostly because there is an on going high rate of vehicle vandalism which also dramatically increases maintenance costs.They have pledged to work closely with the police, the Tourism board and other authorities in the tourism industry to improve customer service for the counries 12,0000 fleet.

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